Hands On Labs

"Hands on labs" means that you do real Signal Integrity and Power Integrity simulations using Mentor HyperLynx software. These are not "monkey see..monkey do" labs. I will set up an environment and then encourage you to turn the knobs and see what happens. This is not a class to teach HyperLynx. It is a class to teach physics as it applies to PCB layout of high speed digital designs. A design tool for my class must do two things. First it must give the right answer. Second it must be easy and intuitive to use. If it is not easy, every thing grinds to a halt and we do not get through the class. I am not against any other tools. I just need something that works reliably without a lot of explanation. If you understand the problem, running HyperLynx is easy and intuitive.

Some labs use other software, but HyperLynx is my main tool.

Note: for the single day PTU class and any of the web classes, you will receive a temporary HyperLynx license to do the labs on your own computer.

For the three day Process Implementation class I provide the classroom lab computers.