SIEMC Pro Tune Up Training. This is a 1 day face to face class. It is a little like drinking out of a fire hose because we cover a lot of material quickly. Students must watch about 2 hours of videos prior to the actual class date. All simulation labs are after class homework. For more information click here --> Pro Tune Up Class Information At this time I only schedule these classes upon invitation. If you can find 10 students who want to listen to me and provide a training location, I will put on the class. Tuition is $795 per student or $695 per student with early registration.

I also offer Web Based version of Pro Tune Up. This class is designed for students who want to learn the Pro Tune Up material but can not attend a face to face class. For more detail click here--> Web Based Pro Tune Up Training

SIEMC Process Implementation Training. This is a 3 day on site class. The information crammed into the Pro Tune Up class is taught at a much more manageable pace and there are in class labs as well as some time to discuss specific designs and attempt to stump the professor. For more information click here --> SIEMC Process Implementation Training

I addition I offer a full range of consulting. My primary goal is to teach the client the correct principals and techniques so they never need to call me again. Follow this link to the consulting page. Consulting