Signal Integrity, Power Integrity, & EMI Project Consulting / Coaching..

I offer multiple levels of project consulting ranging from answering simple questions about a specific technology implementation to complete project support from concept to certification through to production.

Disaster Recovery

When you get to the end of a project schedule and then waste another 2-3 months doing "desperation board spins" it is a disaster. If you still can not get the system through FCC or CISPR regulatory testing, that could be a company disaster as well as a project or career disaster. The critical issue is to get the system into a configuration where it can ship and stop the cash hemorrhage.

If my house is on fire, I do not want to talk to the fire alarm - sprinkler salesman. I want the fire brigade to put out the fire?

I am the fire brigade and I will put out the fire. I will give you some breathing room. When you have time, I can explain why the new house should have a fire alarm and sprinkler system.

I have a 100% success rate on getting this type of problem fixed on 1 board spin.

My preference is to approach each consulting job as a training class. If you get me involved earlier in the project, I can do a better job of coaching and teaching.

It is far less expensive to learn how to do it right rather than paying me fix it on an emergency basis? If we have a little time for up front training and planning, you will save a lot of time and money.

Project Launch Consulting is designed for those who want a good push to get started in the right direction. If you have taken Jump Start or Pro Tune Up this could be as simple as a couple of long conference calls (ie really Project Coaching.) If you would like me to prepare or participate in the Pre-Layout design review on-site or over the web, that is also an option. We simply discuss your requirements and run a few sanity checks. Once we are convinced that you have a good strategy, you can complete the detailed analysis. The alternative is that I do the detailed analysis and "sell you" on the plan at a formal pre-layout design review.

Remote Project Coaching is designed for those who have taken the JumpStart or Pro Tune Up class and are familiar with the method. Coaching takes a minimum of my time and only requires that I come on site if you would like a Pro Tune Up review and kick off session. Hence it is very inexpensive.. ie $3,500 to $7,500 for the entire project. The notion is that you do the bulk of the work and I will perform the sanity checks necessary to make sure you are doing everything correctly. This is similar to a term paper or senior project scenario. I will make sure you understand the requirements and then I will review your work to make sure you will get the "right the first time results" that this method is known for delivering. If you wish, I will also participate in the Pre-Layout and Post-Layout / Pre-Fabrication formal design reviews.

Complete Project Design service is designed for those who want me to do the entire job. Generally this is a fixed fee in the range of $20-45K + T&L for on-site work.

Note*** The guarantee of first time success has a few weasel words. First, we need to listen to Mr. Physics. If your pet belief contradicts Mr Physics, all bets are off. If this happens you will know it because I will write you a letter making it abundantly clear that we are out of bounds. Second, it depends upon well behaved chips. This methodology can not see inside the device package and is therefore dependent upon chip manufacturers doing their job correctly. If you are not the first one using a particular chip or package pin out, we are probably on safe ground. In the case of a suspect device, we can institute defensive measures that will mitigate the problem, but with a bad chip package/pin out, knowing how much mitigation is enough can be very tricky. Third, switching power supplies can be extremely noisy when they are not implemented properly. I use methods to contain most of the noise, but in extreme cases, we may need a good analog designer .