I offer two canned training classes.
The first is Pro Tune Up. This is a single day class. It is a little like drinking out of a fire hose because we cover a lot of material. All labs for this class are post class and all students must watch about 2 hours of pre class videos. For more information click here --> Pro Tune Up Class Information

Valid High Speed System Design Methods --> Right the First Time Results!

If you establish an appropriate high speed digital system design process based on real physics, you have an excellent chance of building a fully functional, ready to ship, Digital-Analog-RF Systems on the first try.
If you are doubtful about how a circuit actually works or if you do not understand the electrical effect of PCB layout decisions, you will probably have one or more unplanned "I hope it works!" board spins before you can actually ship your product.
If you ask your cost accountant about the real cost of an unplanned board spin, he will probably give you a figure around $50,000 per spin.

I offer four main services to help your design team understand how to build modern high speed digital systems that work right the first time....every time.

1. Face to Face Training Classes
2. Web Based Training
3. On line tutorials
4. Consulting

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