Web Based Training Classes

The web version of the Web Based Pro Tune Up training class goes beyond on the JumpStart Tutorials and covers advanced topics like SERDES, Analog/Digital, DDR3, DDR4, Controlling Switcher Noise, EMI control, Power Design, Cables & Connector issues, Grounding, Moating, etc. Web Based Pro Tune Up class description. The Web Based Pro Tune Up class is $100 USD per student. The class includes Power Point slides and the models for the hands on labs. You will need to secure the temporary license for HyperLynx from Mentor Graphics. I will give you an introduction and Mentor has been very good about providing temporary licenses in the past. I will answer some questions over email. If they get too complex or too specific application specific, that must be covered under consulting. The older version of Web PTU training included 2 hours of live web meetings included in the $700 tuition. The new version at $100 does not include the web meeting component. You can add it if you wish, but this scheme makes it optional.

The web version of the class includes Pro Tune Up videos for the class, a complete set of Power Point slides, labs, as well as video instructions for "hands on" labs. Remember, Mentor Graphics provides the HyperLynx license.

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The JumpStart Tutorials are open to all at no charge. These tutorials cover the basics of any high speed digital system design. These tutorials take about 3 hours. JumpStart Tutorial
As far as possible, I have created other videos beyond JumpStart that will give you the basics of most of the advanced subjects. There are always questions about these advanced subjects. There is no way to predict what they will be and cover all of them in a video. They can only be covered live. I can arrange for a live web meeting to answer questions, but the time is billed at my normal consulting rate. I have done all I can to put everything on the videos. I do not have any secret code for doing this type of work. It is just me and Mr. Physics. I just tell you what Mr. Physics tells me about your question. This is all done to maximize the usefulness of the web consulting meetings if they are needed.