Web Based Training Classes

The web version of the Pro Tune Up training class goes beyond on the JumpStart Tutorials and covers advanced topics like SERDES, Analog/Digital, DDR3, DDR4, Controlling Switcher Noise, EMI control, Power Design, Cables & Connector issues, Grounding, Moating, etc. Web Based Pro Tune Up class description. The Pro Tune Up class is $700 USD per student. The class includes the hands on simulation labs, Power Point slides, etc. This pricing is intended for 1 or 2 students. If you have more than 2 students, they can listen in on the web meetings at no charge, but I will only answer questions from registered students.

The web version of the class includes a complete set of Power Point slides, labs, and miscellaneous tools that I have written over the years which you might find useful. Pro Tune Up videos for the class, as well as video instructions for "hands on" labs. I will need your hostid in order to secure a temporary HyperLynx license in order for you to do the labs.

Register for Web Based Pro Tune Up class

The JumpStart Tutorials are open to all at no charge. These tutorials cover the basics of any high speed digital system design. These tutorials take about 3 hours. JumpStart Tutorial
As far as possible, I have created other videos beyond JumpStart that will give you the basics of most of the advanced subjects. There are always questions about these advanced subjects. There is no was to predict what they will be and cover them in a video. They can only be covered live....which is why I need to charge so much for the web class. I have done everything I can to put everything on videos which I offer without charge to the public at large. I do not have any secret code for doing this type of work. It is just me and Mr Physics. I just tell you what Mr Physics tells me about your question. This is all done to maximize the usefulness of the web meetings.