Pre-Class PTU Video Homework

These are videos which are required Pro Tune Up pre-class homework. Please get started on these a well in advance of the class date.
The first 5 videos, Signal Integrity Analysis...the business case for doing it through Topology and Termination ... Introduction are mandatory pre-class homework for Pro Tune Up. The rest of the videos would be very helpful, but are not mandatory pre-class homework.

*** Mandatory Pre-class Homework for Pro Tune Up **

Signal Integrity Analysis.... the business case for doing it

Transmission Line Behavior

Ringing, the root of all evil

Cross Talk

Topology and Termination ... Introduction

** Optional...but recommended Pre-class Homework for Pro Tune Up **

Single Driver / Single Receiver Topology & Termination

Daisy Chain Topology & Termination

Balanced "T" Topology & Termination..

Example Timing Budget

Example Noise Budget

Basic Board Stack Up

Right the First Time Design Pointers

Closing the Timing Loop