What do I get from being a member of this site?.

You will have access to the videos that are not available in the non-membership area of the site.

If you are a supporting member, I will make every effort to answer questions within my time limitations.

If you are a supporting member, you can request videos on new. This can be greatly accelerated if you can provide data in a format that can be shared. If the question requires proprietary information, that is more of a consulting job.

What do I expect from a site member?.

First... You can not be anonymous. If you have access to the membership part of the site, you can hurt the site and potentially cause all types of havoc. If someone mis-uses that access to SPAM or infect the site, I must unscramble the mess. I need to be sure that you are real. You can prove that by filling in the membership form and making some type of annual contribution to the site. I recommend $100, but the contribution can be as small as $25 USD. That contribution will prove you are real and not a SPAM BOT. If you do not have a credit card, fill out the membership form and put in a note that says you do not have a credit card. We will work around the problem.

Second... Questions must be well formed. When you ask a question, you need to give me the context. Attach a simplified diagram and any supporting information necessary for me to use that information in a training document or training video. Remember the point of the site is to educate, not to consult. Consulting can not be answered on a generalized basis. Consulting must always be specific to a well defined set of conditions. Consulting is generally a narrow specific question based on very specific circumstances. The Q & A section is focused on broad principles of physics.

Why become a sustaining member?
    1. You help support cost of running the site.
    2. You stoke my enthusiasm to record new videos.
    3. You get access to the new videos on more advanced subjects than you will find on the free side of the site.
    4. You get a communication path directly to me to ask questions and/or request new video topics.
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Within 24 hours of entering your credit card, you should receive an email from me with your initial login and password. I encourage you to change your password after your first login.
If you wish to support this site, please fill in the information below.

Membership Payment Instructions

For credit card security reasons this is a two step process. First, you must fill in this form to tell me who gets credit for this payment. Second, I forward you to to enter the credit card numbers. will sent you a receipt immediately. I will send you login credentials within the next few days. Using this method, the only site that actually sees your credit card information is is arguably the largest and most secure credit card gateway on the planet.

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