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Signal Integrity Analysis.... the business case for doing it If you are going to get better results you will need to change some things. Change costs time and money. Someone need to approve that. Sooner or later you need to convince the one who pays the bills that this is a good idea. Profit and Loss responsible managers do not respond to "techno speak." They only respond to time, money and risk arguments. This video will help you speak in terms an executive can understand.

Transmission Line Behavior When is an interconnect a transmission line and no longer a lumped element model? Gaining an understanding of this behavior in simple terms you can use to teach non-BSEE's is key to your success implementing change.

Ringing, the root of all evil Yep...that about sums it up.

Cross Talk This is a critical video that not only addresses cross talk, but also shows the interaction between ringing, trace spacing, termination, and crosstalk.

Introduction to Topology and Termination

Single Driver / Single Receiver Topology & Termination

Daisy Chain Topology & Termination

Balanced "T" Topology & Termination

Example of a simple 133MHz SDRAM Timing Budget You need to close the timing loop and verify that the signals arrive and settle in time for the circuit to work.

Example Noise Budget Ringing, Cross Talk, and Power Noise issues must be included in any basic design analysis. This video give an example of the method I use to solve this round robin problem.

HSSD Board Stack Up Board stack-up is the foundation under the design. You must become a connoisseur of HSSD board stackup design and layer use.

Right the First time Design This video is about process..ie the check points you need in the design process.

Closing the Timing Loop If you do not close the timing loop, don't be surprised when your manufacturing yield is poor.