Valid High Speed System Design Methods --> Right the First Time Results!

Terry Fox & Associates ... ... has four main services.

1. High Speed Digital & Mixed Signal Design Methods Classes

    ... Pro Tune Up ... a one day SI, PI, EMC face to face class taught through out North America including pre-class videos and post-class "hands on" labs.

    ... SIEMC Process Implementation ... a three day on-site class in much greater depth than PTU with the intent of initiating a design project and defining appropriate HSSD process.

2. Web Based Training Classes

... These classes consist of lecture and demonstration videos, "hands on" labs, and web conferences.

3. Training Videos

    ... SIEMC Jump Start... a set of videos covering the basics of high speed digital system design

    ... SIEMC Topic Specific ... a sets of videos covering the DDR3/4 memory design, SERDES, power delivery, Analog-Digital, etc.

4. Consulting

    ... Disaster Recover Consulting is the vast majority of my work in this area. Once a design team has done the three board spins that were on the schedule and then followed up with two more "desperation board spins" that were not on the schedule, they call me. When we use standard SIEMC design methods, the design works on the next board spin. I always want to teach my students to be self sufficient, but if your house is on fire, you do not want the fire alarm and sprinkler salesman. You want the fire brigade. Once the fire is out we can talk about preventing the next one.

    ... Full project support. This is a front to back pre-layout design to post layout verification and certification service. This includes a "Right The First Time" guarantee as long as you stay on track and listen to Mr Physics.

    ... Project Coaching. Project coaching is like a set of training wheels on a bicycle. When your are doing it right, the training wheels do nothing, but when things go awry they are there to catch you.